Fit for an Omega

Fit for an Omega
February 19th 2018
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A M/M Non-Shifter Mpreg Romance Logan was used to being the Big Man on Campus in the tiny town of Bright Beach, and the Alpha has the ego to prove it. But family drama pulled him away from his big city college dreams, and now he’s back in his home town with hurt pride and a chip on his shoulder. When the owner of a local gym offers Logan a chance at changing his life, he’s willing to do almost anything to get his old life back… but can he betray the one man who loves him for who he truly is? For Gabe, an Omega, the charming little town of Bright Beach is a welcome escape from the pain of his his old life and a chance at new beginnings. But his Omega-only gym is under fire from some closed-minded locals, and a charming new Alpha is making his heart beat faster than any workout.

One night of passion isn’t enough to quench the heat between them, but the results will change their lives forever! When truths come out and deceptions are revealed, will it tear the two apart… or bring them closer than they dreamed? Author’s Note: Fit for an Omega is a 30,000 word standalone non-shifter/omegaverse mpreg romance with a happy ending and no cliffhangers. This story contains Alpha/Beta/Omega social dynamics, male pregnancy, some rough language, a little drama, and a lot of heat between two sexy men.