The Lonely Walk: A Zombie Notebook

The Lonely Walk: A Zombie Notebook
January 21st 2012
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He and his family are sequestered in their home by curfew law, but the newborn baby needs milk. Milk, like many other supplies, is delivered by the military, but the deliveries are undependable. He has to get out of the house, though it means he will risk getting caught by a horde of the dead and become infected.

But this man won't let his baby die and his wife go insane. If he never comes back, at least he tried... His notebook, kept after he's out in the world, lets us know he's now zombie. But he can think. He'd rather be dead, really dead. Now where's he going to go, since he can never go home again? Can he find someone else like him? And who will believe him un he keeps a notebook...? A novella of the dead by the author of BANISHED and the Edgar Award nominated NIGHT CRUISING.