Wild Knights Of Heat: Hart Mountain Hotshots, Book 6: GAY EROTICA

Wild Knights Of Heat: Hart Mountain Hotshots, Book 6: GAY EROTICA
August 25th 2014 by 4Fun Publishing
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Yeah, ride that, rookie. If fraternity houses had hazing for initiations, the Hart Mountain Hotshot firemen prefer to bond inside tents and in their firetrucks, with minimum to no clothing involved. Each is surrounded by gorgeous men they can only dream of. Dedicated to the service of looking out for danger, these men put their lives at risk everyday as they save people, putting out fire or helping people.

But even when they’re on or off duty, these men release their stress through each other. Forget about wives. Forget about kids. Being with their “brothers” is more important than anything. Two rookies are still trying to fit in the group, and of course, they have to go through the standards of the leader of the crew, Tom. The leader has practically seen and done everything over the years, turning rookies into full time men, teaching them the ways of his own showering technique, as well as the ultimate stress reliever. Will these two ever get the approval of the crew and the leader? Or will they be outsiders, constantly being pulled down by the crew? For your CURIOSITY SAMPLE: “It’s too hot to sleep with clothes,” Charlie said, clearly indicating he didn’t want to be the only one naked.

Tom fumbled with his shorts and lay back feeling the air swirl around his balls and stiffen his penis. “Your dick looks different than mine,” Charlie had said, indicating his circumcised mushroom head. Tom slid his loose foreskin down and exposed the damp tip of his uncut penis, swelling hard in the sweltering tent. “Yeah. Mine wasn’t cut by the doctor when I was born.

Neither was my dad’s, but I hardly ever get to see his.” “I see my dad’s sometimes. It’s big for sure, like my brother’s.

That’s cool the way the skin slides up like that,” Charlie said watching Tom nonchalantly stroking his penis. “You can touch it if you want,” Tom said hoping Charlie did want to. Charlie’s warm hard slid around his shaft and began to side it up and down. The feeling was electric and Tom’s cock became rock hard in seconds. “Wow, your dick gets really big. It feels really cool to jack. Can you jack mine?”