Hiking the Grand Canyon: A Sierra Club Totebook

Hiking the Grand Canyon: A Sierra Club Totebook
March 1st 2006 by Sierra Club Books
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Fully revised and updated, the third edition of this celebrated Sierra Club Totebook® is an information-packed guide to America’s best-known national park—destination of more than four and a half million visitors annually. Hiking the Grand Canyon provides detailed, authoritative descriptions of more than one hundred of the best trails—from easy, level day hikes along the Canyon’s North and South Rims, to rigorous but rewarding rim-to-river treks and trans-canyon expeditions. Author and seasoned Grand Canyon adventurer John Annerino offers invaluable information to help visitors plan their trips, ensure their safety and comfort, and enhance their enjoyment of the Grand Canyon’s natural wonders—including sage advice on hiking equipment and technique, clothing and food requirements, and map selection; vital information on water sources and on climate and weather; and tips on lodging and camping, as well as on how to book guided hiking, rafting, and muleback or horseback trips. The book also features chapters on the park’s natural history and geology and on its Native American history. For first-time visitors as well as adventurers familiar with the Canyon’s many attractions, this is the most user-friendly and comprehensive guide to one of our nation’s premier natural wonders.