When Revenge Only Has Three Letters

When Revenge Only Has Three Letters
July 31st 2017 by Major Ink Publications
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What do you do when you first time, turns into your worst time? Do you sit and cry about it? Or do you come back harder and seek revenge? What happens when you meet someone who seems like he could be your knight and shining armor but he turns out to just be the spawn of Satan in disguise? Well, my name is Naomi Reynolds. I would be what you call a good girl who just ended up in a bad situation.

But instead of crying over spilled milk, I went and got the cow that fucked me over. Allow me to tell you my story of how an innocent college girl turned into one of the most deadliest King Pins since the infamous Griselda Blanco.

After you finish my story you’ll see that sometimes Revenge Only has 3 Letters