February 1st 2015 by Blue Barn Productions
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"...Filmmaker Quinn's vividly imagined Gold Stone Girl trilogy unfurls in a far-distant future where the Night Mare reigns and human women are factory-farmed as breeding stock. This hallucinogenic second volume follows renegade heroine Mina into exile in the land of Disbelief, where banned ideas congregate and she can start dreaming the future. Jump." Chronogram Magazine "What a journey I have gone on!....swallowing in great greedy gulps like one of your demon types all your long hard work!....wow!....fun fascinating and informative!......

really well done ...like things that have big play in the world ...and yet deeper and better...." Melissa Leo, (Academy Award winner, The Fighter) "Nicole Quinn's imagery is so startling, brilliant and original, that I caught my breath at each sentence. Sure to become a modern classic in the tradition of The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood." Laura Shaine (author,Dreams of Rescue, A Place in the country, Sleeping Arrangements) Mina’s adventure continues in the land of Disbelief, a world the Night Mare created to exile all beliefs other than her own.

All deities and goblins, pookhas and spriggins, exist now only in this dimension.

It’s here that Mina will learn the true herstory of the planet Blinkin, and its history as well, before she attempts a comeback as, the Night Mare’s polar opposite, the Dream Weaver. Will she be able to save the planet from shrinking into a black hole? Only Time will tell, and he isn’t speaking to anyone at present.