Special Unit

Special Unit
June 30th 2016
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Read the New Gay Paranormal Romance This is a standalone book with no cliffhangers, and contains bonus stories for your reading pleasure John Colson has been recruited. Recruited for something, different, something--- special.

When forced into a stressful situation, he learns what everyone around him already knows, he's a rare Sun Bear Shifter. And that's why Zane chose him in the first place... As John reels from the realization of his true nature, he learns that there may be something else about himself he's only now starting to become aware of... On a late night motorcycle ride, everything begins to snap into focus. As he holds onto sexy, alpha Zane, and drinks in his scent, he becomes aware that he may be recruited for something altogether different, and hot... When Zane and the rest of the crew are forced into combat, John's special skills become the target, and danger is all around. Will Zane be able to save his new Omega before something horrible happens? Will Zane recruit John, for Zane's own Special Unit? You'll have to read to find out!! Read for free on Kindle Unlimited!! Click to read!! Warning: This book includes steamy scenes of adult fun. It's super hot!! Interested?