Deep Calls unto Deep: Answering Questions about the Prophetic

Deep Calls unto Deep: Answering Questions about the Prophetic
March 26th 2017 by Revival Waves of Glory Books and Publishing
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Open the pages of this little book to read 14 questions and their answers on the life of a prophet. Matthew developed this book after a prophetess reached out to him with these questions. As he recorded the answer to each query, he decided to collect his thoughts into a book. Katrina sought out Matthew from a deep place within her heart to a deep place within his heart. She asked him some common questions and some other questions that aren’t so common. What followed was 14 voice recordings that were eventually transcribed and made into this book for other aspiring prophets and prophetesses on their journey.

Learn more about: • Why your friends don’t take you seriously as a prophet • Why people misunderstand you • How you can be called as a prophet yet no one recognizes you • How losing your friends draws you closer to God Read about each of these topics and more. The life of a prophet can be a hard and challenging road. As you dive into this book, you will find that your journey is not unusual and that what you are experiencing is quite normal. You will find hope in these pages. Matthew felt that Katrina’s call for answers might be a catalyst for you and your decision to pursue God with vigor. Press Buy Now and Jump into the deep end—where deep really does call to deep!